Weight Loss Program

The 16 week program is a self guided course which takes you through nutrition and fitness changes that will help you lose weight. Like the premium programs, you will receive nutrition advice and exercise plans. If you are budget conscious, or don't feel you need the extra coaching this is the plan for you.


The Weight Loss program is not a quick fix. It is not a diet. Generally diets are something that people go "on" and eat according to the plan. Then they go "off" the diet and go back to their usual way of eating. Often the weight comes back on, sometimes more.

With the Weight Loss program you will:

  • Learn how to set goals and create sustainable habits
  • Receive guidelines on where to make changes to your diet
  • Get workout plans you can print or view on your computer, tablet or smart phone

* Although this program follows the Precision Nutrition guidelines it does not currently use the ProCoach software.


The 16 week Basic Weight Loss program costs only $99 CAD