Custom Health Coaching

Our health is dependent on so many things - what we eat, how much  activity we get, how much stress we have in our lives. There is no one answer that fits everyone. Everyone is unique in their requirements for health. You may have an undiagnosed  food intolerance or thyroid condition, you may be going through a new stage of life such as menopause or you may be looking to improve the health of your family. 

I will help you to:

  • discover the cause of bloating, indigestion or other digestive issues
  • reduce the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes 
  • find more energy
  • reduce your stress levels 

What you get:

  • detailed analysis of your current diet, activity levels, and overall lifestyle
  • suggestions for which foods to eliminate, which to include and how to make this part of your life
  • customized daily exercise plan which fits your life
  • biweekly one on one calls to discuss your plan and the next steps

The cost for this program is $200 per month.