lemon herb roasted chicken breast

Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken Breasts

As we get older we often don’t get as much protein as we need. Sometimes it seems so much easier to just have soup or a salad and skip the protein. But protein is so important.

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Spinach and Bell Pepper Scramble

Eggs are staple for my family for weekend breakfast, but the standard methods of fried, scrambled or boiled get boring after a while. I started looking at recipes for scrambled eggs, but many of these included things like sausage and lots of cheese. Since I'm trying to get my family to eat more vegetables I came up with this recipe. 

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healthy chocolate balls

Healthy Chocolate Balls

Christmas time is a time for cookies and chocolate. I find I am tempted by all the time, so it helps to have something around that is decadent and chocolaty, but somewhat healthier than cookies and chocolates. These chocolate balls fit the bill.

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Butternut squash carrot soup recipe

The leaves turn yellow, or if you are lucky they turn red. The temperatures start to drop and there is a bite in the air in the morning. If you are lucky you have a harvest of winter squash and carrots to use up. This is the time my family turns to the warm colours and flavours of fall. Actually we live in the Canadian prairies so the leaves have mostly fallen off the trees, we have had our first snow fall and our short growing season makes growing squash difficult.

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Baby kale, sweet potato and pumpkin seed Salad

I often have left over sweet potato after Thanksgiving. This recipe uses it up in a unique way. It would also make a surprising salad to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. It tastes fresh and healthy , but with the fall flavours of kale (or spinach), sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds. 

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