Hi I’m Sherry

I help women lose weight and reduce symptoms of menopause using simple fitness and nutrition habits


  • You are frustrated by weight gain since menopause started and diets don’t seem to be working
  • You are tired of sudden hot flashes that leave you bathed in sweat
  • You feel like you barely have the energy to get off the couch, forget about getting exercise or preparing healthy meals
  • You are moody, stressed and exhausted and you don’t feel like yourself

If you are menopausal and trying to lose weight or reduce symptoms of menopause, then you are in the right place. I help women use simple fitness and nutrition habits so they can start feeling like themselves again.

I’m Sherry Smilar

You never thought menopause would be like this. It seems like it’s impossible to keep weight off, you break out in a sweat at the worst times and your moods swing wildly in a matter of minutes. 

Life is too short to struggle with menopause symptoms. I know it can feel like there is no solution, but there is and I’m here to guide you to a life where menopause symptoms don’t rule your day.

Hi, I’m Sherry! I’m a nutrition coach and a personal trainer and I’ve been through menopause. I can help you get relief from the symptoms of menopause and lose weight using simple fitness and nutrition habits.

You might need to make changes to your diet during menopause. Better nutrition can help to reduce symptoms of menopause and help with weight loss.

Exercise is one of the most important ways to reduce menopause symptoms and improve your health.

I can help you set realistic goals and take the steps you need to meet your goal.



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