Here's What You Get

Video Lessons - Each module will include a video lesson to explain the how to get the most out of the program

Progress TrackingHow do you know if you are making progress? I will show you how to track your progress so you can see how the results you are getting.

Implementation Guides - Success doesn't come from watching the videos and reading the handouts. I'll show you how to implement each lesson so you can get the most out of the program.

Menopause Belly Reset Screen

These are the program modules:

You will be provided a new module each week, but you can spend longer on each module if you like.

  • Module 1: Eat less sugarSugar plays havoc with the hormones and contributes to excess belly fat. Discover how to identify hidden sugar in your diet and to eat much less sugar, 
  • Module 2: Movement. Find out how to add movement to your daily routine. Discover how exercise helps to improve hormone health and helps you to lose the belly fat. You will receive an exercise plan in this module.
  • Module 3: Stress reduction and stress eatingStress is one of the biggest reasons for excess belly fat. Find out how to deal with stress and how to reduce stress eating even when you are feeling stressed.
  • Module 4: Portion Control.  In the last module find out how to tell if you are eating too much or too little without counting calories or measuring foods.