There are many symptoms of menopause. Here are just a few that you may be suffering from:
weight gain
hot flashes
mood swings
trouble sleeping
If you are menopausal or perimenopausal and are suffering from any of these symptoms, then

Book Your Menopause Reset session today.


Most of the symptoms of menopause are caused by the changes in hormones that occur at that time. That is why many women choose Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). But many of us can’t or choose not to take HRT. And for some women HRT doesn’t solve all their problems.

I was not able to take HRT so I have had to suffer through the symptoms or find other solutions.

sherrysmilarHi, I’m Sherry. I’m a nutrition coach and certified personal trainer. I have been able to use my training to develop a system  that work for me and that can work for you too. I have discovered how you can reduce the symptoms of menopause and maintain or lose weight by making changes to diet and exercise.




How does it work:

We start with a complimentary 20 minute Menopause Reset Session - this session is free. You can tell me where you need help and I can explain more about working with me. Together we can decide if working together is a good fit for both of us.

Initial assessment and intake forms: If we decide to work together, then you will have a bit of homework to do. We both need to know where you are starting so when goals are set, we can measure them.

Coaching calls: We will have one on one coaching calls using Skype (or another similar application) every 2 weeks. Each call with last approximately 45 minutes.

Check ins: In between the coaching calls you can check in to make sure you have been sticking to your plan.

Accountability: I will hold you accountable to make the changes you need to make, but don't worry I won't expect drastic changes right away.


Working with me is for you if you want to reduce symptoms of menopause so you can feel like yourself again. This is for you if you have tried every diet our there, every supplement around and still haven’t reduced your symptoms. 


How long does it take to see changes? You will probably see some changes within the first few weeks. But how long it takes depends on you, depends on your symptoms and depends on what changes you are willing and able to make. Everyone is at a different stage on their journey and sometimes it takes longer to get to the destination.


You want to look and feel like you did before you started menopause. You are afraid that you are already getting old. While I can’t do anything about the odd grey hair or wrinkle on your face I can help you lose weight, and relieve some of the other symptoms that are so hard to deal with.

Now you are wondering how I can help you. 

  • I am Precision Nutrition Certified. This program is renowned for producing coaches that can deliver.
  • I am a certified personal trainer with 5 years experience working with women aged 40 and up. I know what works for women as we go through the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.
  • I have been through menopause myself, so I understand what you are going through.
  • Working one on one with me and using my system we will identify what is causing your symptoms (including weight gain) and find a step by step solution. 

What do you get?

2 private coaching calls per month

Ongoing check ins and accountability with me

Initial assessment 

Personalized action plan

How much does this cost?

This program is value priced at only $127 per month!


But I understand that this is a big decision to make so that is why I offer a complimentary Menopause Reset Session. During this 20 minute session you can explain what your frustrations are and I can give you more information on how working one on one with me can help. I will also make sure that wokring with me is right for you. If not, I will make other recommendations for you.

Are you ready?

Book your complimentary Menopause Reset Session now. 

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