can midlife women get toned

Can Midlife Women Get Toned?

One thing many women complain about after age 40 is the loss of muscle definition. In their 20s and 30s they may have looked sleek and toned, but after age 40 things start to go downhill. You may be wondering if you can ever get back that toned look.

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Muscle Imbalances

What You Need To Know About Muscle Imbalances

If you are over 40, chances are that you have some type of muscle imbalance. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with daily activities and improper exercise technique and choice can lead to several different imbalances forming over the years.

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Foods to avoid during menopause

The 7 Foods You Should Avoid During Menopause

Once women reach menopause there are plenty of reasons that the diet that worked in the past doesn’t work any more. The following foods should be limited as much as possible during menopause because they either cause menopause symptoms, health issues or contribute to weight gain. 

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Should You Take A Multivitamin During Menopause?

Billions of dollars are spent every year on multivitamins. Almost half of Americans take multivitamins and that number increases as they get older. In this article, I explore the pros and cons of taking a multivitamin for women during menopause.

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10 reasons your diet isn't working

10 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working Like It Used To

Full disclosure here - I don’t like diets. But many women try diets when they want to lose weight. In this article I explain 10 reasons why your diet might not be working to help you lose the weight you want.

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