Should You Take A Multivitamin During Menopause?

Billions of dollars are spent every year on multivitamins. Almost half of Americans take multivitamins and that number increases as they get older. In this article, I explore the pros and cons of taking a multivitamin for women during menopause.

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10 reasons your diet isn't working

10 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working Like It Used To

Full disclosure here - I don’t like diets. But many women try diets when they want to lose weight. In this article I explain 10 reasons why your diet might not be working to help you lose the weight you want.

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How to form healthy habits for weight loss

You may be able to lose some weight by going on a diet or following a specific meal plan. The problem with diets is that they only work in the short term. Most women who lose weight on a diet gain it back. The answer to losing weight and keeping it off is not dieting, but forming healthy habits.

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emotional eating and menopause

Combatting Emotional Eating During Menopause

Are you eating for the wrong reasons? Many women find that while going through menopause their eating habits get out of control. You may be emotional eating.

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