How to Squat without hurting your knees

Squats are one of the best lower body exercise that you can do, but many people are resistant to squatting because it hurts their knees. Fortunately there are likely things you can do so your squat doesn't hurt.

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Tips for Making Family Meals Healthier

If you are a parent, then you want to feed your family the healthiest meals you can. You want to avoid fast food and pre-packaged meals as much as you can, but with busy family schedules it can be very difficult. Sometimes it just means thinking outside the box when it comes to family meals. Here are some tips to making your family meals as healthy as possible and finding time to make them.


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Can you really blast belly fat?

As the summer approaches many women would like to get rid of unwanted belly fat. You may be enticed by diets, supplements, exercise plans or magic potions that promise to “blast belly fat”. But is it really possible to blast belly fat?

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How a Health Coach Can Help You Lose Weight

A health coach (also called a wellness coach) is someone who works with you to make changes that will have a positive impact on your health. She can be a valuable partner in your weight loss program. A health coach can do so much more than a diet book. She can keep you accountable, help you track down why you are not losing weight, identify your healthiest food choices and help you control emotional eating.

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What you need to know about protein

This week we continue with the second of our three part series on macronutrients. We are focusing on protein this week. While the diet world has alternated between fats being evil and carbs being evil generally there hasn’t been much bad to say about protein. This article will answer some of your questions about protein.

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