Should You Avoid Dairy?

Milk - does it really do a body good? The opinions on whether or not you should consume dairy vary from dairy is evil and the cause of all our health problems to dairy is necessary for a healthy diet. What is the real answer to the question of consuming dairy? What are alternatives to consuming dairy?

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eat more vegetables

5 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

(Even if you grew up on canned peas and iceberg lettuce)

We’ve known for a long time that vegetables are good for us, but we’ve never had so much variety before. When I was young, we never ate broccoli, we only had iceberg lettuce (except for the yummy green lettuce we grew in the garden), and tomatoes were a tasteless pink. The quality and the cost of fresh vegetables was horrific, so often canned vegetables were all we had. It is actually quite amazing that I have become the veggie lover I am today.

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toned belly

The Myth of Toning

How often have you seen exercise plans promising to  tone various body parts? Tone your arms, tone your tummy, or tone your thighs? Most of these plans promise to give you a long lean look using high reps and light weights. You will likely be disappointed if you try these plans. However it is possible to achieve a toned look, which is probably what you are really after.

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How to Squat without hurting your knees

Squats are one of the best lower body exercise that you can do, but many people are resistant to squatting because it hurts their knees. Fortunately there are likely things you can do so your squat doesn't hurt.

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Tips for Making Family Meals Healthier

If you are a parent, then you want to feed your family the healthiest meals you can. You want to avoid fast food and pre-packaged meals as much as you can, but with busy family schedules it can be very difficult. Sometimes it just means thinking outside the box when it comes to family meals. Here are some tips to making your family meals as healthy as possible and finding time to make them.


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