10 Summer Activities to Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine

Summer is a great time to mix up your fitness routine with some outdoor activity, and add some new life to your workouts. Many summer exercise activities are fun as well as a good workout.

The list below is intended to give you some ideas. Maybe you’ll decide to try a new activity or something you haven’t done in a while. I also provide some safety tips, but make sure you use common sense or ask an expert if you are not sure.

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Will a Detox or Cleanse help you lose weight

After a period of indulging many women turn to a cleanse or detox to help them lose weight. The idea seems good. Ridding the body of all of the crap you have been eating and drinking sounds enticing. But is it necessary and does it even help?

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Should You Avoid Dairy?

Milk - does it really do a body good? The opinions on whether or not you should consume dairy vary from dairy is evil and the cause of all our health problems to dairy is necessary for a healthy diet. What is the real answer to the question of consuming dairy? What are alternatives to consuming dairy?

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eat more vegetables

5 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

(Even if you grew up on canned peas and iceberg lettuce)

We’ve known for a long time that vegetables are good for us, but we’ve never had so much variety before. When I was young, we never ate broccoli, we only had iceberg lettuce (except for the yummy green lettuce we grew in the garden), and tomatoes were a tasteless pink. The quality and the cost of fresh vegetables was horrific, so often canned vegetables were all we had. It is actually quite amazing that I have become the veggie lover I am today.

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woman lifting weights

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Working at a gym, I often see women who head straight for the cardio machines and never leave. Enticed by the calorie counter, they are convinced that this is the only exercise they need to do. When you suggest they might want to do some resistance training, they frown and say “I don’t want to bulk up”, "or doesn’t cardio burn more calories?"

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