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How to lose weight without counting calories

Many of us routinely enter information into a food tracker to know exactly how many calories we are eating every day. We enter our workout information and sync our smart watches. Sometimes we get frustrated when the foods we ate are not in the tracker, or we can’t decide which option to pick. Sometimes we can’t believe how much time it takes to enter everything (who has time to cook from scratch when it takes so much time to enter each recipe). Often we either give up or we lie to the tracker (I’m sure that was only 5 potato chips). There must be an easier way to lose weight. Fortunately there is.

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Do you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Good hydration is important in so many ways, but do you really need to drink eight glasses of water every day? Drinking more water can help with weight loss, but you might not need eight glasses. This article explains the myths and facts around drinking water and how it helps with weight loss.

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why diets don't work

Why diets don’t work

If you are like many women who are perimenopausal or postmenopausal you have been on countless diets. Sometimes you may have had success, but the weight has always come back. Often more. If so many women are dieting why are they not losing weight. The problem is with dieting itself.

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How Eating Mindfully Helps You Lose Weight

Raise your hand if this is a familiar situation - you sit down with a coffee and a muffin and your phone to check your Facebook account. You reach for the muffin, only to find it is gone. You don't remember finishing it, but its gone. Or perhaps you grab your popcorn and drink when you get to the theater. But before the movie has even started, the popcorn is gone. These two situations involve mindless eating and it may be sabotaging your weight loss attempts.

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Is Walking Enough for Weight loss and Fitness?

I love walking and it is one of first exercises I encourage my clients just starting out with. But will walking help you to lose weight? Is walking enough exercise to see fitness improvements? How does this effect menopausal women?

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