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Why You Should Include Exercise in Your Weight Loss Program

 You may have seen recent articles such as this one from the Guardian that play down the benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. If you have been trying to lose weight by adding exercise to your life, these articles can be discouraging. But there are plenty of reasons to include exercise in your weight loss program.

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Understanding Perimenopause and Menopause

Menopause is something that every woman will experience if she lives beyond 50 or 60, but it is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. Because of that many women don’t understand what is happening to their bodies when menopause occurs. It also means that many women suffer from the symptoms in silence or jump on the chance to take hormone replacement therapy to get back to “normal”.

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How to use a fitness tracker to lose weight

Fitness or activity trackers are becoming increasingly popular. If you are trying to lose weight, you might be tempted try one. There are several keys to making a fitness tracker work for you.

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What you need to know about bone density and osteoporosis

I’ve been relatively small my entire life. I have just the type of build to put me at risk for low bone density. I’ve never been a huge milk drinker and I don’t think I’ve always met the recommended calcium intake. After taking a course about exercise and osteoporosis I was concerned about my own risks. At my last annual physical I asked my physician to book a bone density scan. Knowing the risks I was scared to see the results. Fortunately I passed with flying colours. It seems I was doing a few things right after all.

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5 Leg Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

If you are menopausal you may have noticed that you are not as strong as you used to be. That is very common but quite concerning. I’ve worked with many older clients. All of them agree that they want to maintain their independence as long as possible, but many of them lack one of the key components to maintaining independence. That component is leg strength.

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