How To Increase Energy Levels During Menopause

For many women lack of energy is one of the biggest complaints during perimenopause and after menopause. Menopausal women often lack the energy to improve nutrition, get exercise, and even carry out daily activities.

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What is your healthiest weight?

For midlife women

You are bombarded by images of super skinny (and young) models in media and social media. If you are post menopausal, chances are you have gained a few pounds (or have a thickened waist). It is easy to be confused about what the best body shape is for you. If weight loss is your goal, then knowing what you should aim for to be healthy is important.

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How To Get Relief From Night Sweats

One of the worst symptoms of menopause is night sweats. If you suffer from night sweats you are probably waking up bathed in sweat and exhausted from lack of sleep. This can keep you from getting a good night's sleep, but there are things you can do to get relief

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Shining Light On Vitamin D

You may have noticed in recent years that vitamin D is suggested to be the cure all for everything. Then recently it was found to not be the miracle vitamin it was thought to be. In this article I explain what vitamin D is and where it is important for midlife women.

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