At What Age Does Menopause Start

 One of the most common searches about menopause is the age that it occurs. When the first symptoms of menopause start happening, you may want to find out if you are old enough. Or when symptoms seem to last long after menopause has occurred you might be wondering when it will end. In order to answer these questions let's make sure that the stages of menopause are clearly defined.

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blueberries help to reduce chronic inflammation

Inflammation and Menopause

You are probably familiar with inflammation as the red bump from a mosquito bite or the swelling of a sprained ankle. This is an example of good inflammation. However inflammation can become chronic which has several bad consequences. For women who are menopausal the effects of inflammation can be especially important.

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walking for midlife women

The Benefits Of Walking For Midlife Women

One of the first exercises I have my clients do is walking. If you haven’t been exercising walking is a great place to start with exercise. Here are some of the benefits of walking. I’ve listed several benefits of walking that are specific to problems that midlife women face. 

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Magnesium For Menopause

Magnesium has many benefits for menopausal women. This article describes those benefits and explains how to get magnesium. 

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5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety during Menopause

Anxiety often gets worse during menopause. Even if you have never found anxiety to be an issue before, you may start to notice it more during menopause. If you are looking for ways to reduce anxiety and stress in your life then keep reading.

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