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Why Women Gain Weight During Menopause

If you are going through menopause or perimenopause, you are might be wondering what you have to do to keep the weight off. If the changes our bodies are going through are not enough it seems that all we have to do is look at a cookie and we gain 5 lbs. What’s going on here?

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Weight management no matter what the age is a complicated issue. It is the same during menopause, but now our bodies are behaving differently so it makes it especially complicated. There is likely no single reason you can’t control your weight, but the top reasons are changing hormones, lower activity levels, decrease in metabolic rate, food intolerances and lack of energy.

Changing hormones

The most obvious change that occurs during menopause is the hormonal changes that occur. Our estrogen and progesterone levels drop. Aside from causing the many symptoms of menopause these hormone changes seem to be associated with weight gain, but the reasons are not totally clear. Testosterone levels also drop but not quite as quickly which can explain why our waists start to expand even when we are not gaining weight.

Lower activity levels

Our activity levels usually decline as we age. Maybe we stop walking our kids to school or the playground, maybe family commitments have kept you from going to the gym. On a daily basis this effect may be small, but it can add up to several pounds per year.

Decrease in metabolic rate

Usually as we age our metabolic rate, the rate that we burn energy at rest, goes down. Our bodies don’t need as many calories as they did when we were younger. This is generally considered to be a natural effect of aging. But that is not completely true. Part of the decline in metabolic rate is caused by a decrease in activity. It is also caused by a decrease in muscle mass. 

Lack of energy

One of the symptoms of menopause is lack of energy. Our sleep patterns can be disturbed and the changes taking place in our bodies mean that for some women just getting out bed in the morning is challenging enough. We know we should be doing something - cleaning the house, going to the gym, or going for a walk, but we just don’t have the energy for it,

Now that you know some of the reasons why you are gaining weight, download this free guide to start losing that weight.

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