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Gut Health And Menopause

Gut health is a fascinating and often overlooked area of health. Did you know that the changes that occur during menopause also have an effect on the health of your gut? The health of your gut affects so many things including your overall health, your mental health and your ability to lose weight.

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How To Make Healthy Food Taste Great

Women are often concerned that eating healthy means a bland, tasteless diet. You may have visions of unseasoned chicken breasts and broccoli for three meals a day. If you are trying to lose weight, it is possible, even desirable for your healthy foods to be delicious and satisfying.

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Do You Need Supplements During Menopause?

Many women take supplements during menopause. It may be to reduce symptoms of menopause or to make up for a poor diet. There are some good reasons for taking supplements, but you may not be taking supplements for the right reasons. You may also be taking supplements that are not necessary

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Why Flexibility Is Important 

Flexibility is an area of fitness that is often ignored. We leave it to the end of the workout and then skip it if time is short. But good flexibility is more important than you might think. It becomes more important as you get older to maintain or to improve your flexibility.

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unhealthy beverages

Don’t let beverages sabotage weight loss

Whether we are calorie counting, using portion control or just trying to eat healthier we often ignore our beverages. Beverages are often the source of empty calories that are easily missed. I’ll look at some healthy choices and some not so healthy choices.

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