How to choose footwear for exercise

If you are like many women, you have started an exercise program to get fit, healthy or to lose weight. Footwear is often overlooked when you decide what you need to get started. Footwear for exercise is one place where you should choose based on function, not on looks.

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How To Start Exercising In Midlife

I often meet women my age who have never exercised or who haven’t exercising consistently in years. Unfortunately many of them feel that they are too old to start or embarrassed about joining a class or a gym.

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Exercises To Improve Posture 

One thing that is sure to make you look older is poor posture. So improving your posture is a sure way to make any midlife woman look and feel younger. Improving your posture also helps to reduce back pain, improve balance and even make breathing easier.

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How To Find Time To Exercise

One excuse I hear often from women who don’t exercise consistently is lack of time. This article looks at ways that you can find time to fit in exercise so you can enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

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can midlife women get toned

Can Midlife Women Get Toned?

One thing many women complain about after age 40 is the loss of muscle definition. In their 20s and 30s they may have looked sleek and toned, but after age 40 things start to go downhill. You may be wondering if you can ever get back that toned look.

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