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How to Love Your Body During Menopause

For many women, menopause means changes to how your body looks and feels. You may start to have grey hair, wrinkles and a thickening around the waist. You may feel like suddenly you look old. It may be hard to love your body and your body image may decline.

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Why You Should Try Interval Training

Women in midlife often struggle with weight gain. They may turn to exercise to try to lose weight. One of the best forms of exercise for weight loss is interval training. Interval training can be used by beginners or by women who want to take their exercise routine to the next level. 

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Will a Detox or Cleanse help you lose weight

After a period of indulging many women turn to a cleanse or detox to help them lose weight. The idea seems good. Ridding the body of all of the crap you have been eating and drinking sounds enticing. But is it necessary and does it even help?

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Should You Drink Alcohol During Menopause

As you reach menopause, you may be wondering if you should still be consuming alcohol. You may be noticing that alcoholic beverages are contributing to weight gain, other menopause symptoms, or that you just don't enjoy them as much as you used to. In this article, I explore the benefits and risks of drinking alcoholic beverages. Most likely moderate alcohol consumption can still be part of your life after menopause, but the risks increase significantly with increased alcohol consumption.

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Menopause Joint Aches And Pains

One symptom that is fairly common with menopause is joint aches and pains. This article explains the various reasons for joint pain in menopausal women and how to recognize what is the root cause.

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