30 Superfoods For Midlife Women

You may have heard the term superfoods before. This list of superfoods is curated to provide the nutrients that many midlife women lack. Don't feel limited by this list, but use it to inspire you. 

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How Meal Preparation Helps With Weight Loss

If weight loss was as simple as eating less and exercising more, then everyone would be able to do it. Most women who are successful with weight loss have a variety of tools to use that help with weight loss. One of those tools is meal preparation.

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kitchen gadgets

10 Gadgets for a Healthier Kitchen

Very often I will recommend that women who want to lose weight do two things:

  • eating out less
  • eating less processed food

In order to accomplish these, very often changes be made to your kitchen. You may also find when you start eating healthier that you need some new items for preparation. If you are worried this will be expensive, think of the money you will save by eating at home and not paying extra for processed foods. Check out the list and my reasons for including each and decide for yourself which may help you with your efforts to create a healthier lifestyle.

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10 Exercise Mistakes Midlife Women Make

I’ve worked as a personal training and fitness instructor for several years. So I’ve seen many mistakes that women make while working out. These are just some of the most common.

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Why You Should Try Interval Training

Women in midlife often struggle with weight gain. They may turn to exercise to try to lose weight. One of the best forms of exercise for weight loss is interval training. Interval training can be used by beginners or by women who want to take their exercise routine to the next level. 

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