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How a Health Coach Can Help You Lose Weight

A health coach (also called a wellness coach) is someone who works with you to make changes that will have a positive impact on your health. She can be a valuable partner in your weight loss program. A health coach can do so much more than a diet book. She can keep you accountable, help you track down why you are not losing weight, identify your healthiest food choices and help you control emotional eating.

Much more than a diet book or a meal plan

health coach eating soupDiet books are one of the most popular books available. Many people are looking for the magic that will help them lose weight. If you are reading this article chances are you have read at least one diet book. Or perhaps you have purchased a prepackaged meal plan. Chances are you saw some initial results, but when you stopped the diet or meal plan, the weight came back on. One problem with diets or meal plans is that they are something you start and finish rather than a lifelong commitment to change. When you stop the diet the old habits come back, along with the weight. Meal plans, especially ones with prepackaged food, don't teach you how to make healthy choices. They also don't seem to have busy women with families in mind.

Checking in with your health coach keeps you accountable

student 849819 640For many the mere thought of having to tell their coach how they did this week is enough to keep them from reaching into a bag of Doritos. Health coaches can use many ways to keep you accountable such as daily check ins, food journals, and even a quick 'how is it going today' text.

Track down why you are not losing weight

scale 403585 640Many woman don't know what is going wrong. You think that you lead a healthy lifestyle, but you just can't seem to get the weight off. Health coaches can be the detectives that help determine the problem. Sometimes just minor tweaks are needed to your lifestyle. Other times it may have a medical cause. Health coaches can't diagnose medical issues, but we can suggest you check with your physician if it looks like a medical reason is causing you to not lose weight.

Identify food intolerances

Food intolerances are more prevalent than you might think. As mentioned above, health coaches can't diagnose medical issues, but we can help you look for signs of food intolerances or even allergies. 


Hep you identify your healthiest food choices

There are so many food choices available today. It is very difficult to determine which are the healthiest. The internet is full of information. Unfortunately much of it is published without proper research. Much is written with the best interests of the provider not the consumer in mind. A health coach can help you sort through this and make informed choices of foods for you and your family.


Help you control emotional eating

We don't just eat mechanically to survive. Eating is very much controlled by our emotions. Sometimes this can get out of control. This is where a health coach comes in. She can help you identify the triggers and determine how you can make simple changes to improve your overall diet.

I offer a variety of health coaching programs specifically structured around weight loss. Check out my fitness and nutrition coaching programs or contact me for more information.

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