Healthy Eating On Vacation

This is the time of year that you might be planning your spring or summer vacation or getting ready to go on a winter vacation. But it’s likely that you are worried about how you will keep from gaining weight. Now that you are older it is harder to keep the weight off and you might be worried that the weight you normally gain on vacation will be even harder to get rid of.

Here are some tips to make sure you are eating healthy while on vacation so you don’t see a big gain the first time you step on the scale when you get back.

Some of these ideas will depend on where you go, and where you stay, but they should give you some ideas that will work for you.

Eat breakfast in your hotel

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea when you are on vacation. If you are out doing things you are likely to get hungry and head for some unhealthy snacks. Breakfast will give you the energy to be active and enjoy your day. If you do skip breakfast, then check the section on carrying healthy snacks.

If you are staying in a condo it is super easy to eat in your condo. Try to include some protein in your breakfast to keep your blood sugar balanced.

If you are in a hotel you can often keep some healthy options in the fridge. You could bring along some protein powder or buy some when you get there and make a quick protein shake. If you have a blender then add some fruit or spinach to make a healthy smoothie.

You could look for some instant steel cut oats you can make in the microwave. Add some local fruit and it will be delicious. Greek yogurt would also be delicious added to fruit.

Choose protein at the breakfast buffet

If you do choose to eat at the breakfast buffet, then look for healthy options. Most of the baked goods will be made with white flour and lots of sugar so look for options like eggs, plain yogurt, and fruit.

Unfortunately much of the meat you find at a breakfast buffet will be processed – like bacon and sausages. Enjoy this once in a while, but not every day.

Carry healthy snacks

Healthy snacks on the go can be difficult, but it will help you to keep from making poor choices. Good choices might be raw vegetables, nuts, or whole fruit. You can also check out a local market for some good snack choices.

Pack a healthy lunch

Using a soft cooler makes it easy to pack a healthy lunch with raw vegetables, cheese, salads, or even left overs from the night before. This also means you don’t need to interrupt your site seeing time to spend time looking for a restaurant.

Sample local cuisine

One of the best parts about being on vacation is trying the local cuisine. Sometimes these can be much healthier options than the fast food places that are now everywhere on the globe. If the local cuisine is mostly large portions of deep fried foods, limit yourself to a small portion.

Eat dinner in

You may be seeing a theme here. Most of the time when you eat out you end up eating too much and probably food that is not healthy. This is particularly true if its fast food. The other problem with fast food is that we tend to eat it fast.

After a long day out sight seeing, a quiet dinner at your condo is a nice option. One of my favourite things to do while staying at a condo is to take advantage of the barbecue. Grill some meat on the barbecue and add a salad. You can watch the portion sizes and enjoy a healthier meal.

Choose wisely from the buffet

When you eat lunch or dinner at the buffet, sometimes the temptation is to try everything. This can lead to overeating. When eating at a buffet, start by surveying it for the healthiest looking foods. You can fill your plate with vegetables, and some grilled meat or a salad, Once you finish this, let it settle before going back for seconds, or dessert. Try to eat slowly and you will be less likely to go back for seconds.

Pack a water bottle

Often when you are out sight seeing, thirst takes over. If you don’t have a water bottle handy, you may be tempted to turn to sugary beverages found at the local convenience store. And often that means added a snack to the mix. Bringing a water bottle with you helps you to avoid that temptation. If you are in a hot climate, staying hydrated is especially important.

Do have some indulgences

You are on vacation after all! Just try to keep them small and make sure they are really good. There is no point wasting your indulgence quota on a treat that isn’t delicious. Local treats are a great place to indulge.

Indulging doesn’t have to mean overeating. Remember to eat slowly and savour every bite of the delicious food. Stop when you are full. You can pack it up for later or share with someone else.

Listen to your body

Your activity levels might be different to what you are used to. If you are lying on the beach all day or sitting in a car for a long drive you probably don’t need to eat as much as you usually do. If you are sight seeing and walking a lot, or trying new activities you might need to eat more to sustain the extra activity.

You will need to listen to your body for hunger cues. Remember to eat slowly, so you know when you are full.


Eating is one of the joys of being on vacation, but be smart about it. This way you won’t come back feeling like the vacation was a bad idea because of the weight gained. If you want tips on ways to stay active during vacation, then check out this article.

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