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5 Tips For Healthier Eating During The Holidays

We typically think of the holidays as a time for eating and drinking. But it doesn’t need to be a disaster. On the other hand, you don't need to stress about every cookie you eat. Follow these 5 tips for guilt free eating during the holidays

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Start the day with a healthy breakfast (and lunch and dinner)

If is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. During the holidays that is even more true. If you know you will be tempted to indulge later, don’t skip breakfast and lunch to make up for it. You are more likely to overindulge later in the day. A healthy breakfast should contain some protein, some healthy fat and some healthy slow digesting carbohydrates. Bonus points if you include vegetables. Find some healthy ideas for breakfast here.

If you are low on time, make sure you do spend a little of that time with planning and shopping for healthy foods. It will save you time in the long run.

Take a healthy snack when out shopping

raw veggies with nutsAbout two hours into your marathon shopping trip, your stomach starts to grumble. Your options are stick it out, go home early or grab a quick bite at a fast food place. Or you could plan ahead and bring a healthy snack or even lunch with you. One of my favourite options is raw vegetables and raw walnuts and raw almonds. It is quick to pack and stays fresh for a few hours.

Take a healthy dessert or appetizer to a party

Unfortunately calories do count when you are standing up. When you know there will be unhealthy options at the party you are going to, bring a healthier option like a vegetable tray with hummus. This will give you a healthy option to reach for. Most likely everyone will appreciate having an option that is not fat and sugar filled.
Don’t go to a party hungry. You are less likely to overindulge if you are not hungry. Scan the appetizer and dessert table and decide on maybe three things you will try, or try just a tiny bite of a few more. If you don’t like something, discreetly tuck it in a napkin and throw it out. No sense wasting those precious dessert allocations on something that isn’t super yummy.

Exercise before you go

No, this isn’t a license to overindulge. For most people carbohydrates are better digested after exercise. Exercise also helps to speed up your metabolism for a few hours. It also helps to relieve some of the holiday stress you may be feeling. Keep in mind that even your drinks for the evening will likely be more calories than you burned in a one hour workout.

Stay hydrated with water or tea

Many of the excess calories we consume during the holidays are from beverages. Alcoholic beverages are a favourite at parties. Unfortunately the calories add up quickly. Try starting your night with a glass of water rather than an alcoholic drink, then make sure you have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. Don’t gulp it down, treat it like a drink. If plain water feels weird, then add a slice of lemon or go for carbonated water with or without lemon.

You don't have to stay home or not enjoy yourself at holiday gatherings. Use these tips to eat healthier during the holidays. If you want to kick start your better eating habits, join the 5 Steps To Weight Loss Challenge.

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