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10 Healthy Gifts for Midlife Women

The holidays are fast approaching. Now is the time to get jump on shopping. If you have a midlife woman on your list, she may be hard to buy for. But if she is trying to make healthy changes to her lifestyle, the choices become more easy. If you are reading this for yourself, you can always provide the links to someone else as ideas.

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Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage from your purchase, but there is no extra cost to you. You can help support my blog by purchasing through these links

Fitness or Activity tracker

Activity trackers can be used to monitor how much you are moving. Are you getting your step goal every day or every week? They also have several useful features to motivate you with your fitness goals. See this article on how you can use an activity tracker.

Tubing or resistance bands

For someone who wants to work out at home or on vacation resistance bands or tubing can be useful. Resistance bands are bands of stretchy resistance material. Tubing is similar, but comes in a tube rather than a band. Tubing usually has handles and generally lasts longer.

TRX or other suspension trainer

For those with more advanced resistance training skills you might want to look at a suspension trainer. TRX is the most popular brand. With the TRX you use your body weight to perform various exercises.

Gift card for running shoes or Fitness apparel

These are often items that are difficult to purchase for someone else. Shoe choices are very personal and it is difficult to buy clothes for someone who is trying to lose weight.

Gyms or fitness class membership

If she has expressed interest in working out at a gym or attending fitness classes, this is an ideal gift. Try to find one that has a good return policy in case you are wrong about this.

Personal training

Many gyms or in home personal trainers have small packages to get you started with a program. Using a personal trainer means you will get the most out of your exercise time and have a program that is designed just for you.

Online weight loss program

If she is serious about weight loss, but hasn’t had much luck lately, a program like my Menopause Belly Reset might be the answer. I’ve added a gift option so you can choose the date that the program is available.

Cooling neck towel

Many women complain of hot flashes when they exercise. A cooling neck towel like this one by Koldtec may be the answer. The Koldtec ice towel contains a flexible, refreezable ice pack that is very comfortable.

koldtec cooling towel

Powerful Blender

If she is trying to eat healthier and include things like smoothies and pureed soups in her diet, she will need a powerful blender. Blendtec and Vitamix are both good choices.

Insta Pot

This is on my Christmas list this year. An instant pot or InstaPot is a versatile kitchen gadget that works as a pressure cooker, programmable slow cooker, yogurt maker, etc. This is a versatile tool if you are trying to cook more meals at home.


These are just some examples of gift ideas. Hopefully this will inspire you.

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