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10 Gadgets for a Healthier Kitchen

Very often I will recommend that women who want to lose weight do two things:

  • eating out less
  • eating less processed food

In order to accomplish these, very often changes be made to your kitchen. You may also find when you start eating healthier that you need some new items for preparation. If you are worried this will be expensive, think of the money you will save by eating at home and not paying extra for processed foods. Check out the list and my reasons for including each and decide for yourself which may help you with your efforts to create a healthier lifestyle.

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1. A Powerful Blender

I recently upgraded from my old blender to a powerful Blendtec blender. I don’t know how I lived without it. I use it for blending vegetable soups into delicious creamy soups like this one. I make smoothies, hummus and even nut butters with it. It is easy to see why blenders like my Blendtec or Vitamix have a cult like following. People don’t even refer to their Vitamix as a blender, but as their Vitamix. Both Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are highly rated.

You can find a Blendtec blender here

You can find a Vitamix blender here

2. Crockpot or Instapot

A crockpot cooks things slowly, an Instant pot quickly, so why include them in the same heading? A crockpot can be indispensable for cooking dry beans either overnight, or during the day. I also use it for cooking things like chilli, stews and even overnight oatmeal. An Instapot can be used in much the same way, but can also be used to cook really fast since it is also a programmable pressure cooker. Some have a range of options including rice cooker, yogurt maker, and sterilizer.

I recently upgraded from a simple slow cooker to an Instant Pot and love the versatility of it. I use it for yogurt, chilli, cooking beans, and oatmeal. I use both the pressure cooker mode and the slow cooker mode. 

You can purchase an Instant Pot here

3. Good set of knives

From high tech to incredibly low tech, a good set of knives makes food preparation easy. I recommend a small sharp knife for cutting vegetables, a serrated knife for cutting soft things like bread or tomatoes and a large knife for chopping garlic or cutting meat. Sharp knives are important. When knives get dull, they don’t cut as well and can end up being dangerous to use.

A good knife is an investment. I purchased a Henkel knife about 30 years ago and it still works great (with the occasional sharpening)

4. Kitchen scale (preferably digital)

While I don’t recommend weighing everything you eat, a kitchen scale can be a handy gadget to have. If I buy a large (Costco size) package of chicken breasts, I can divide it up into relatively equal packages by weight. I also find that things like flour measure better by weight than by volume so I always weigh my flour when I make bread.

A digital scale like these is great for getting accurate measurements. I have the Oxo Good Grips scale.

5. Microplane grater

A microplane grater is a long thin very sharp grater. Originally cooks were actually using a microplane tool to grate things. They are indispensable for grating things like lemon zest, ginger and garlic.

6. Containers for freezing and food prep

If you are going to the trouble of cooking a full meal, then making some extra is not hard. When I make chilli or spaghetti sauce, I make enough for at least one more meal. Other meals we usually have enough left over for lunches. I often cook a big batch of beans. You want to have containers to store this extra food in. In a pinch, left over yogurt or sour cream containers can work. I often use these for freezing and then write the contents on the top or side. Glass containers work well for microwave lunches. Small containers are great for portion controlled snacks.

7. Good pots for cooking

Here is a good article on choosing pots My favourite is a copper bottom stainless pot or frying pan. They conduct heat reasonably well, are not too expensive and are non-reactive.

A casserole dish is useful as well. Casseroles can usually be prepared ahead of time, and you can do other things while they are in the oven. Small casserole dishes can also be used for steaming vegetables in the microwave.

8. Water bottle

A good water bottle is so important. You can use it to keep hydrated when you are exercising. I take mine with me whenever I go out. It keeps me from stopping to pick up something to drink (which is likely not going to be the best choice) when I am out. It also helps the environment by not contributing to the enormous number of plastic water bottles in landfills. I prefer an insulated stainless steel bottle for most times. The glass bottles are good for taste, but are heavy and fragile. Plastic bottles can have a less pleasant taste and are not usually insulated. Many people also avoid plastic due to some chemicals found in the plastic.

I have several different water bottle

9. Tea strainer

Drinking tea has many benefits. Black and green teas contain antioxidants. Each herbal tea has a different benefit and flavour. I like drinking herbal tea to keep me hydrated. It is so much better than drinking sugary drinks or flavoured water. A tea strainer opens up many possibilities when it comes to tea drinking. You can make your own loose leaf tea blend or find many different blends at specialty tea stores and health food stores.

A tea strainer that sits on the top of your cup is easier to use than the ball type.

10. Dehydrator

If you like crispy snack foods, then a dehydrator may be a good option. I love making kale chips in mine. Sliced carrots, beets and sweet potatoes also turn into guilt free snacks with a dehydrator.

I hope you found this list useful. If you would like more articles like this delivered to your inbox subscribe to my mailing list and receive a free guide to weight loss during menopause.

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