Functional Exercise For Midlife Women

Many midlife women start exercising so they can improve and maintain their quality of life. One of the best ways of doing this is using functional exercise. Functional exercises help you to maintain and improve your quality of life so you can continue to do the things you enjoy.

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Coffee and Beans

Should Menopausal Women Drink Coffee?

Coffee is one of those things - you either love it or you hate it. You know if you like the taste or not. You know how it makes you feel. But you may not know that it could be contributing to your menopause symptoms.

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Do You Suffer From Weekenditis?

You do great during the week, eating healthy, hitting the gym 3 times. But the weekend comes around and things go bad.

You go out for dinner on Friday, have a few drinks, have pancakes for breakfast on Saturday. Your family is home on Sunday, so you break out the Doritos. And things got so busy that your good intentions of going to the gym were put aside.

All the progress made during the week is lost. You feel like it is time to give up. This is one definition of weekenditis.

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How To Listen To Your Body

If you have joined a fitness class, you may hear the instructor say “Listen to your body”. You may also hear this when someone is talking about what food to eat, or how much to eat. But many women have trouble listening to what their bodies are telling them.

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Mindset For Menopause Weight Loss

Weight loss during and after menopause is difficult. It is easy to get discouraged when the things that worked before don’t seem to work any more. And your body is changing in other ways that make the added weight even harder to deal with.

There is a growing shift away from traditional diets onto a more holistic approach that focuses on overall health and well being. By changing your mindset about weight loss you may find that you end up with a body you are happy with without focusing on just weight loss.

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