How to Squat without hurting your knees

Squats are one of the best lower body exercise that you can do, but many people are resistant to squatting because it hurts their knees. Fortunately there are likely things you can do so your squat doesn't hurt.

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How to have a healthy shopping trip

If you are trying to improve your diet, starting with changing your grocery shopping habits is a great idea. By now you have probably heard that you should shop the perimeter of the supermarket. While this is a good tip, I find it too general and too limiting at the same time. There are many other ways that your grocery shopping can probably be improved.

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What you need to know about bone density and osteoporosis

I’ve been relatively small my entire life. I have just the type of build to put me at risk for low bone density. I’ve never been a huge milk drinker and I don’t think I’ve always met the recommended calcium intake. After taking a course about exercise and osteoporosis I was concerned about my own risks. At my last annual physical I asked my physician to book a bone density scan. Knowing the risks I was scared to see the results. Fortunately I passed with flying colours. It seems I was doing a few things right after all.

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toned belly

The Myth of Toning

How often have you seen exercise plans promising to  tone various body parts? Tone your arms, tone your tummy, or tone your thighs? Most of these plans promise to give you a long lean look using high reps and light weights. You will likely be disappointed if you try these plans. However it is possible to achieve a toned look, which is probably what you are really after.

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Can you really blast belly fat?

As the summer approaches many women would like to get rid of unwanted belly fat. You may be enticed by diets, supplements, exercise plans or magic potions that promise to “blast belly fat”. But is it really possible to blast belly fat?

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